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    Whatever your business drivers, JIVA IT Solutions can help you every step of the way. Do you need to develop strategies to unleash business value from new technologies like cloud computing? Or do you want to improve IT efficiencies with managed solutions? Or do you wish to create a road-map for your IT architecture that aligns your IT strategy with your business goals? We are here to help you. We Consult – Implement – Support all of your IT business requirements – whether it’s designing your e-commerce web site, planning your IT architecture, migrating your application servers or installing security firewalls. Our team has the experience, the capabilities and the solutions to get the job done successfully. We provides you the best suitable cost-effective IT solutions for your business. We are experts in areas such as IT infrastructure design, network solutions, managed solutions, disaster recovery solutions, virtualization, cloud services, project management, and web solutions.

    JIVA’s end-to-end IT services include:

    IT Solutions

    End-to-end services with the depth and innovation to drive results

    To succeed in today's environment, businesses need to drive operational effectiveness, enable collaboration across business functions and enhance customer service. All this while they harness technology to drive business innovation, create sustainable growth and future-proof their companies. At JIVA, we offer specific services and solutions designed to help growing companies like yours work more productively and profitably.

    A “One-Stop” Shopping Experience

    Where do you go for IT Solutions, Network Solutions and Web Solutions? JIVA IT Solutions provides “one stop shopping” for all of them.

    IT Support and Management Packages

    Once we have the right solution in place for you, JIVA provides a number of support packages that include technical support and help desk options that can be offered either remotely or onsite. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you have minimum interruption to your business. We will help protect your system with data backups, server monitoring and security packages to decrease risk from outages or security breaches that can cost you time and money.

    The Right Solution to Fit Your Business

    If you are a small or mid-sized organization you understand that technology is critical to your success. As accredited, experienced professionals with industry certifications including Cisco and Microsoft – our team of specialists will analyse your needs and environment, problem-solve and develop recommendations. We will deliver cost effective, scalable solutions specific to your business. JIVA’s IT professionals take the time to understand your organization’s goals to present the best options that meet your current and longer-term goals.

    Future-proofing your business

    As we continue to monitor your needs, at JIVA we also monitor and stay up-to-date with technology trends. It is our business to understand the latest technologies and their implications for our clients, such as mobile computing, virtualization and cloud computing. Our IT specialists can then proactively offer you options for the benefits and costs of upgrading your systems and infrastructure to take advantage of the latest capabilities and help you avoid problems that can be costly to your business.

    Network Solutions

    Stable, seamless and secure network management is the essential backbone that keeps your IT environment running smoothly. At JIVA IT Solutions, we offer complete network assessments, design, implementation, monitoring and support services – all within your budget expectations. Our team of network experts will work with you to analyze your current network and identify the infrastructure. As your business grows and evolves, so will your computer-networking environment. Whether you're looking at creating a new network, upgrading or relocating an existing network, we can help design and implement your network environment and protocols to provide a reliable and optimal performance to meet your current and future business needs.
    Our assessment and measurement tools enable us to track data-flow, software redundancies, disk space availability and any system bottle-necks that may downgrade the network’s performance. By proactively trouble-shooting, we can address any issues early to avoid costly downtime and ensure your business runs smoothly.

    Our network specialists and technicians are able to provide complete and reliable solutions that include:

    • Network management of routers, switches, firewalls, servers and Internet routing protocols
    • Ongoing monitoring, maintenance and patching of existing networks
    • Design and installation for single firewall applications or multiple redundant or distributed networks
    • Clustering, load-balancing, firewall and VPN solutions
    • Design, install, configure and test both Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN)
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access to telecommuting employees and business partners
    • Configure high-speed broadband access including DSL, T1 or T3 solutions
    • Cabling infrastructure design and installation for effective performance

    Our JIVA IT Solutions network specialists include certified engineers (CISCO and Microsoft), network engineers and security specialists. Our computer networking team offers you consulting in Active Directory, VOIP, Citrix and Exchange Server and other leading related technologies.
    We are ready to assist you with:

    • Network Design and implementation
    • Network Cabling – CAT5 / CAT6 / Fibre Optic
    • Windows Servers
    • Linux Servers
    • Active Directory
    • LAN / WAN

    Application Server Solution

    • SharePoint server
    • Exchange Server
    • Blackberry Enterprise Server
    • RedHat Linux Sever
    • FAX Server
    • Web Server
    • FTP Server
    • VPN Server
    • MS Lync Server
    • MS Terminal Server / Citrix Server
    • DHCP / DNS Servers
    • Terminal Server

    Disaster Recovery Solution

    • Onsite and Offsite backup solutions
    • Identifying key technologies
    • Recovery and reconstitution strategies
    • Disaster recovery planning
    • Continual improvement

    Managed Solutions

    • Asset Management
    • Monitoring and Alerting
    • Reporting
    • Patch Management
    • Remote Control and Remote Management
    • Proactive Support
    • Loyalty marketing with high ROI

    Cloud Services

    • Device and location independence
    • Secure and scalable device management
    • Virtualization
    • Application programming interface
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Agility
    • Improve accessibility
    • Improve flexibility
    • Monitor project effectively
    • Globalize your work

    IT Support and Maintenance

    At JIVA IT, we offer full-scale support for all aspects of your technical infrastructure. With a depth of experience, we take a proactive approach to your IT environment, which means we address potential issues before they become a problem. Our technical support consultants can provide you with day-to-day or periodic support for your business. In essence, we can become your own IT department, if you need it, at affordable and cost-effective rates. With our regular support maintenance, we ensure that all your systems including your PCs, laptops, printers, mobile devices, servers and networks are running smoothly, to minimize downtime and ensure your ongoing business productivity.

    You can take advantage of any of our support services:

    • On-site services where our technical experts visit your business when and where you need them.
    • Remote support for immediate access to our specialists, so that we are only a phone call away when you need us.
    • Remote backups to ensure your data and applications are properly and regularly backed-up.
    • Data recovery to restore your business systems if you’ve experienced a hardware or software failure or data corruption.
    • Critical systems monitoring to track, log and update your firewalls, business servers and applications and to address through our problem detection and resolution services any problem that may arise.
    • Maintenance of computer hardware and networks where we provide on-going check-ups on your technical infrastructure.
    • Troubleshooting and repairs to service your software and hardware including computer repairs when you encounter any glitches.
    • Troubleshoot and Repair Hardware, Network and Software Issues
    • Onsite, Remote and Phone support
    • Data Recovery
    • Maintenance of Computer Hardware and Networks
    • Troubleshooting and repairing of Network / Server / PC issues

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    • Systems Integration
    • Cloud Computing
    • Virtualization
    • Telephone Networking
    • VOIP Solutions
    • Windows2008 Sever/Active Directory Integration/Domain Security
    • CAT5/CAT6/Fibre Optic Cabling
    • Surveillance Camera Installation / Short circuit
    • IT Consulting
    • IT Infrastructure Development

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