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    As the complexity of an IT infrastructure increases in a business, companies look for external IT resources to upgrade, manage and support those environments. Our clients turn to us to help them navigate through these challenges and transitions.
    JIVA offers IT solutions and services to a number of sectors, including corporate, and small and mid-sized businesses (SMB). Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporate business manager, we understand how critical it is to consistently meet the evolving demands of the businesses we support.
    Our clients represent a cross-section of industries including retail, banking, education, hospitality, telecommunications, import/export, and energy. With over 20 years experience we have built a reputation of reliable service and up-to-date technology that is cost-effective for our clients.

    JIVA’s Value Proposition to our Clients

    Enabling you to focus on your business: You can focus on running your business, while we take care of your technology. If you don’t have the internal dedicated IT resources to assist you in identifying the type of technology platform or solution you require for your environment, you can outsource to JIVA. You’ll spend less time managing your technology environment and more time where it belongs - focused on your customers and your business.

    Keeping you ahead of the curve: As technology changes, our proactive experts can keep you apprised of the industry trends and changes that are optimal for your systems. Perhaps you need help with cloud computing, or mobile apps, for example. We will assist you in deploying new technology when you need it and take advantage of new opportunities to advance your business.

    Securing your peace of mind: Time is money. Have you had a system outage or hardware malfunction exactly when you need it the least? We understand that any downtime you experience in your IT infrastructure reduces productivity and therefore affects your bottom line. Our certified experts can quickly get your systems back in operation, minimizing any downtime and enabling you to be back in control of your business.

    Safe-guarding your assets: If you have ever lost vital business data or access to your systems, you know how disruptive and unproductive it can be to your business. We can assess your requirements and set up data backup processes to protect your assets. JIVA experts can monitor your IT systems on a regular basis and proactively anticipate any problems before they can cause any system failure. We can provide you with an on-going maintenance option or on demand service. Our clients tell us that in the long run, it costs less in terms of time, stress and money to pay JIVA to service and support their IT infrastructure.

    By selecting JIVA IT Solutions as your trusted IT provider, you can now say goodbye to unexpected costs, ensure your systems are secure and reduce those day-to-day software or hardware issues that can slow down your business.
    Find out how JIVA IT Solutions can help you meet your business needs and IT requirements. Contact us now!

    JIVA assists businesses with a broad range of IT Services. Review this quick checklist to assess the areas where JIVA IT Solutions can help your business.

    • Are you outgrowing your current IT environment? Are your business growth plans limited due to an inadequate IT environment or limited IT resources?
    • Can you quickly and effectively respond to market demands from competitors or customers with your current IT infrastructure?
    • Do your IT capabilities reflect the current and emerging technology standards in your industry?
    • Do you need to integrate your business processes to meet more regional or global demands?
    • Have you upgraded your web site in the past two years?
    • Have you incorporated SEO strategies into your web site and online presence?
    • Have you integrated social media capabilities into your Internet strategy?
    • How do your current computer support, computer repair, network support and overall IT support services stack-up with your needs?
    • How can emerging trends in mobile apps, cloud computing, security and managed services bring more value to your business and customers?

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